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Prominent among the legendary decorators

of the 20th century was


She had an eclectic integration of various periods and styles, from French art deco,

she created timeless interiors that were modern and fresh, yet still retained a classic traditional style.  

Eventually, she opened her own workshop, where a staff of artisans reproduced favorite furnishings, lighting and accessories, in addition to realizing her own designs. Ironically, the Loop chair for which she is best known is an 18th-century design, which she reproduced only twice for the “living porch” of Mrs. Marshall Field

on Long Island and the living room of the Wheeler house in the Chicago suburbs.

With her great taste and innate abilities,

Ms. Elkins had an inestimable influence on

the field of interior design!

 "pioneered vibrant interiors, in which solid historical references met effervescent modernist fantasy."

- The New York Times

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